As the Mental Health Crisis grows RPG is giving back.
How to never pay the board fee in May
The Mental Health Crisis and
our collaboration with Bert Nash.

Read to the end to see
how you can benefit in May.
Nate Morsches quote about mental health
The Second Pandemic: Mental Health

As many of you know, our President, Nate Morsches, is also a full-time Certified Registered Nurse and has been working in our hospitals in the Emergency Department and has first-hand experience with COVID-19.

Nate recently wrote an article on the Lawrence Times talking about how as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down there is a new pandemic that needs to be addressed: Mental Health.

Check out the article here:
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Collaboration with Bert Nash

As the Mental Health crisis grew we knew we had to help. Board Games have proven to be beneficial to mental health across many studies over the years and we had over 1,000 board games on our shelves.

So we reached out to Bert Nash and told them we wanted to give each of their staff 12 months free of

This means that any Bert Nash staff member can have up to two board games at home at a time and swap them out as often as they want and for a full year never have to pay the $14.99 a month subscription.

That's a potential gift of over $35,000 from RPG to our community to directly help our community mental health.

If you are a Bert Nash staff member or know of someone who is, make sure they are aware of this offer, we want them all to take full advantage.
Trivia Winners at Socially Distant Trivia Night
Giving back to you, our community
Vaccine Card = No Board Fee in May

As the vaccine is now available to everyone 16+ and older and mental health is such an important part of our lives we thought combining the two to help you feel safer in your community and improve your mental health was a simple conclusion.

So, for the entire month of May, any time you flash us your COVID-19 Vaccine Card at RPG we will waive your board fee. This can even be used for events like our weekly trivia night on Wednesdays.

Our gift to you, friends, as we know how important our mental health is, especially after a year of being locked down.

See you soon.
Thank you for supporting our local, family-owned business as we strive to support our community. We will see you soon, friends.
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