Alpha testing has begun.
Get ready to bring RPG home

We are incredibly excited to announce that we at RPG are currently working on two new services that we will launch in full in the near future that will allow you to rent or reserve games online and pick them up or have them delivered right to your home. Right now we are testing this and gathering data and we want to invite all of you to help us test out these new models. Read on to know how you can be a part of our test group and have food and board games delivered to your home TODAY.

What is "Bring RPG Home"?:

Here are the two services we are currently working on:

For a nightly price you will be able to take games from our extensive library home with you to play.

For a monthly fee you can take home one game at a time and keep it as long as you want, or exchange them for other games as many times as you want. Want to keep one game for 30 days? Cool. Want to come in every single day and swap out for a different game? Cool. Anything in between? Cool.


Currently we have a separate library of games built for this that is completely independent of the main library, and they go through their own three-day quarantine, just like our main library, upon return.

How can I participate now?

Become a member of RPG
Already our members have been experiencing the love of being able to enjoy the games at RPG and have those games and our food delivered right to their door. No additional rental fees or subscription fees are required at this time, and when we eventually roll this out our primary memberships will be separate from our subscription service, but for now if you are a member, you are invited to help us test. You can sign up for our memberships for just $10 a month on our website here: Within 24 hours of signing up you will get a second email with all the juicy details.

Currently, the active hours for this test are:

Wednesday - Saturday, 5PM-8PM

Pick up - You will be able to pick up a game anytime between 5PM and 8PM and, as long as you have called ahead (details provided when you become a member), your game will be waiting for you. No additional cost to you in any way during this alpha phase, it is all included in your membership.

Delivery - Yes, you can have RPG delivered. There is a $10 food delivery minimum, but no delivery fee, and whatever game you request will be dropped off (and any game you are returning can be picked up) during our active test hours. We even offer contact-less delivery and pickup if that is your preference.

We do not offer delivery to anyone else and won't be offering delivery outside of this service. Once you become an RPG member your name is on our list so we will know who should get delivery.

Have someone you know that might be interested in being a part of this test? Tell them to sign up for a membership. We will get them on board.

When does it start?

The alpha test is already going.
You can bring home games as soon as tomorrow.
Get me signed up

See you soon, friends. Stay safe. And drop us any questions you may have.

RPG team

What is RPG?

RPG (Restaurant Pub, & Games) a  board game bar and restaurant that opened in Lawrence, KS, fall 2019. Serving fresh, high-class, American comfort food, unique and stylish cocktails, a full bar, and over 1,000 board games alongside events almost every night of the week.

Ultimately RPG is about fostering face-to-face connections between all types of people in the community that we love and providing a space for that to happen.


Restaurant, Pub, & Games, 724 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

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